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The Sumerian Path

Kiengir ina baltuti

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Kiengir ina baltuti (new people of Kiengir)
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This is a community for people who practice "Sumerian paganism"-- Sumerian religion or magick, or worship of Sumerian deities-- to share and discuss their ideas and practices. The primary direction is toward modern revival, or reconstruction, of the celebration of Sumerian deities and Mysteries. (To read more about this, click here.)

Babylonian and other Mesopotamian practitioners are welcome, as these cultures have some common traditions; however, this is primarily a forum for development of Sumerian religious lore, practice, and community.

This is not a place for necronomiphilia, Sitchinism, or UFO enthusiasm. Emphasis here is on sound anthropological and archaeological research and on personal experience with the Divine. Syncretism is quite valid and welcome, so feel free to post about the rituals and religious ideas that you create, and how syncretism works in your own Sumerian religious practice.

If you are posting ideas based upon personal gnosis rather than academic research, please make that clear in your entry. Personal experience is not less valid than academic knowledge; however, each person's experience will have a different value for them than it will have for others. Please keep the boundaries between personal gnosis and hard research clear for beginners who might not know the difference.

Acceptable topics include, but are not limited to: Mesopotamian history, paganism, mythology, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, ("and any other ology you can think of!") trivia, recipes, religion, spirituality, daily lifestyle, personal practices, rituals.

Please, play nice and be friendly!

In Her service,

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