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Hello, everyone. I joined up about a week ago, and thought I might introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Evan, and I'm a dirty "Eclectic Pagan." I found myself being drawn to the gods of Sumer and Babylon, so I set out to find resources. I'm reading translations of tablets and soaking up as much general history as I can, as well as delving into the magic, which I've found very little in the way of resources on. It'll be some time before I'm comfortable enough with the gods, I am sure, to do much more than a few rites and blah blah blah, blah blah. (I have just realized I am rambling. so there.)

In any case, I wanted to say thank you for existing, the community backlog has already given me a few new resources to check out. I welcome any advice, source material, guidance, or even an occasional "get away from us you jackass."
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