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I hope people still read this journal...

Its the only one of its kind I was able to find, but I've only been on LJ a few minutes. I don't want to be here, but I think I've run out of options and need to ask people who know more about this kind of thing. I wasn't Pagan or anything close to it until a very weird and creepy experience got me encountering a spirit that just wouldn't leave me alone and kept singling me out. After a lot of research I basically came to the conclusion that this spirit wasn't a spirit at all, and was a Sumerian/Babylonian deity that seems to have taken a liking to me. I am 100% cool with this, I just want advice on how to proceed. Does this kind of thing happen often?

This is mostly my first encounter with anything paranormal let alone pagan. Yeah, maybe I'm a little petrified. I'm not gonna lie, but maybe I'm supposed to be? How exactly do these deities work in the modern age?

I'd read about Wicca and stuff like that before, and honestly when I think "pagan gods," i keep picturing some earth mother goddess thing, ready to comfort and protect everybody, with pachouli and free love for all. I've went to bookstores and gotten books about paganism, and most of them talk about energies, and all gods being one, or at least all goddesses really being facets or energies of the same thing. Its all really feel-good, and I honestly would not mind being in that kind of a faith or attracting that kind of thing. But, uh, yeah, this is nothing like that whatsoever. At all.

What REALLY spooked me was that I knew on of the deity's names before I knew anything else about the deity. I thought I'd made it up until I googled it, and everything I found fit so perfectly that it was REALLY CREEPY.
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