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The Sumerian Path [entries|friends|calendar]
Kiengir ina baltuti (new people of Kiengir)

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Hail and well met! [19 Nov 2010|11:02am]

My name is El and I wanted to invite you all to join in a brand new world wide pagan community project.

The Merry Meet!


Created by the Pagan Community, for the Pagan Community.

Where pagans, psychics and alternative spiritual types connect from around the globe!

Create your profile, make a group and forum for your coven, join other pagans and spiritual folk in intelligent conversation on our forums, share images, music and stories or simply connect with new and old friends.

You can even create and promote your events or your pagan related business!

The Merry Meet is here to bring together our community with Love, Joy and Wisdom. We're still brand new and slowly ironing out the kinks so please be patient with us!


(somewhat cross-posted on LJ. Apologies!)
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greetings [07 Oct 2010|04:46pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Hello, everyone. I joined up about a week ago, and thought I might introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Evan, and I'm a dirty "Eclectic Pagan." I found myself being drawn to the gods of Sumer and Babylon, so I set out to find resources. I'm reading translations of tablets and soaking up as much general history as I can, as well as delving into the magic, which I've found very little in the way of resources on. It'll be some time before I'm comfortable enough with the gods, I am sure, to do much more than a few rites and blah blah blah, blah blah. (I have just realized I am rambling. so there.)

In any case, I wanted to say thank you for existing, the community backlog has already given me a few new resources to check out. I welcome any advice, source material, guidance, or even an occasional "get away from us you jackass."

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Gateways to Babylon Site Owners? [14 Nov 2009|09:53am]

Does anyone on this list have current contact info for the owner(s) of the "Gateways to Babylon" site?


I would love to include one of their essays in the Ereshkigal devotional, but it looks like the site has not been active for a while, and no one responded to my email to the webmaster.

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On Christianity and the nature of Lucifer... [09 Sep 2009|09:17am]

I am new here...

Ok, so I was originally responding to this post, but it became very lengthy, so I decided to make it it's own.

Just some thoughts on a couple of reasons why I personally at times have problems with Christians. Many of them cannot have a detailed/deep conversation about the huge, obvious questions that can be asked about their religion. Many do not know it's origin or history, except for what they have learned in Bible study or Sunday School. I have met and talked to many who have absolutely no connection with the historical/social history of Christianity, they simply accept without question, which I suppose is the goal for them, but in my mind, a person should not just believe what they can't even talk about, because they don't know enough. They should thoroughly know about what they are believing, since they are supposed to believe it is the absolute, non-subjective, truth of reality.
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CUUPS grp? [03 Sep 2009|09:45pm]


I'm a new member to this community, but have been watching for some time. But, thought it was time to join and post, as I would like to get some opinions on something. (I'll save my personal path and history for another post if that's alright.)

I attend a local UU church for "Pagan Tea & Talk night" once a week. (It's not actually a church, but really a basement of a multiple office building.) It's been nice to see many of my friends in town, and also have met and connected w/ some new ppl as well. There's a different topic every week; a few we've done recently are chakras, wands, and the topic of dealing with dating/relationships/family members who are non-pagan.

It's advertised once a week in our local paper in the events section.
A few weeks ago a woman called the UU President, upset that any church (UU or not) would host a pagan discussion group. She threatened to protest in front of the building. Apparently this woman could not be reasoned with; she ranted and raved that pagans are the "antichrist" and would not agree to a civil conversation, only a screaming match where the president could not get a word in edgewise. She was informed ofher right to protest, ie must stay on the sidewalk, cannot enter parking lot, cannot block us from entering the building. All of us were pretty worried, but she never showed.

We have less than 10 regulars, but we also have some drop-ins here and there. Ppl come and go, you know how it is.

Well since this protester situation, our 'coordinator' has suggested making the discussion group an official CUUPS group. It would give all sorts of advantages; lately we've been discussing an upcoming Spirit Faire, a fundraiser for Midsummerfest, and having the non-profit church status would help for tax-exempt status and stuff.

Now, not everyone who attends is unitarian, or even UU members. The coordinator/moderator person is the token Pagan of the UU congregation, as she puts it. I've always been personally very much about "hey, whatever your way to God/dess" just don't tell me your way is the right way, type of thing. I guess I think tolerance and understanding and education of the many religions (including mine of course) is the way to go to. I think it's the best shot at world peace...

But, I'm meeting more and more Pagans that are very anti-Christian. This upsets me, personally. I'm worried ppl might not attend if the Tea&Talk is made into an official CUUPS grp, and might turn away potential new ppl. So, while I personally like the CUUPS idea, I'm jsut not sure of the future repercussions of doing so.

So I'm wondering - how does anyone feel about this? Does anybody reading this identify as unitarian in addition to being Pagan? Personally I think they go hand-in-hand, but I might be a minority these days. Especially it being post-9/11 and all. (yea I know, 9/11 is a whole other post, but just saying I think it significantly changed religious tolerance in America).

Are you anti-Christian and wouldn't feel comfortable attending a UU group? Granted, UU isn't Christian, but it's of course very Christian friendly. So, just looking for any thoughts/advice.

xposted to Chalice_Circle and adult_pagans (I tried the LJ user-linkage way but it didn't work)
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The Kur. [10 Aug 2009|06:33pm]

I am journeying to find The Kur, I'm looking for all dreams, stories and ideas associated with this...unknown thing. Please anyone, do you have any theories about its nature, or the meaning of The Kur?

For me so far it seems to be a different kind of 'mind' to ours and indeed all animate creatures posses, it seems to be a force that can use matter?

It can hurl stones, churn water, it seems to be a mountain, a land, and death.

Please let me know your thoughts, experiences and stories so that I may 'see' more clearly.

Many thanks..
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recent translation - anyone using this for religious purposes? [09 Aug 2009|08:49pm]

[ mood | snow crash ]

Epics of Sumerian Kings: The Matter of Aratta (Writings from the Ancient World No. 20)
By H. L. J. Vanstiphout, Jerrold S. Cooper

Product Description:

Epics of Sumerian Kings presents for the first time both the authoritative Sumerian text and an elegant English translation of four key epics from the Sumerian literary canon. These epics, the earliest known in any language, revolve around the conflict between the cities of Uruk (biblical Erech) in ancient Iraq and Aratta in neighboring Iran. Of special interest is “Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta,” which contains the story of the confounding of human language, often cited as a source of the biblical tower of Babel narrative, as well as the Sumerians’ own account of the invention of cuneiform writing. In addition to providing English translations of the epics, Vanstiphout discusses their intellectual and cultural context, their poetics and meaning, and the significance of the epic cycle as a whole. The volume will interest scholars and students of Assyriology and the ancient Near East, biblical scholars, and general readers and will be a valuable text for courses on ancient Near Eastern literature or history.

Summary: Good Resource
Rating: 5

This book is a great resource for these texts. It includes transliterations for all of them, which is extremely helpful. The translation is pretty accessible to readers unfamiliar with the Sumerian language, although there are some nuances that are missed (as often happens in translation). Still worth the price.

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Submission Deadline for Ereshkigal Devotional Extended to July 31 [30 Jun 2009|10:16am]

I will be accepting submissions for Queen of the Great Below: A Devotional Anthology for Ereshkigal through July 31st.

I've been encouraged by how many people have sent pieces, but there is plenty of room for more.

If you've been waiting, thinking about it, now is the time to write!

Details are here: http://www.neosalexandria.org/erishkigal_devotional.htm

Please feel free to send me a message or leave a comment here if you have questions.

You do not need to be a devotee of Ereshkigal to send a submission, but please be aware that I already have a couple of reviews of her mythology. If you want to take that approach, please contact me first, so we can avoid duplication of efforts.
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Maenad/Ritual Music [11 Jun 2009|07:37am]

[ mood | morning sleepy huh? ]

Has anyone here heard of the electronic artist who released under the name "Maenad?"

I was introduced to her work late last year, and her music has become my favorite background drone for Sumerian-oriented Death Magick. Her given name is Christine M. Uberti.

With titles like "Flowers for Solomon," it raised my eyebrow. Then I listened to it, and it sounded like things no one could know unless they KNEW about Her.

It proved to be an excellent key. Lubricates the entire working. Drops me immediately into the kind of work necessary to tap into Tiamatu and/or Ereshkigal.

Its way out of print, and the artist disappeared. She had almost no public face, and all I could learn is that she spent time working with dead bodies in medicine, and working on the AIDS vaccine in the late ninetees.

It really comes through in the work.



(Sorry. All I could find. I got my copies by burning burnt copies. Apparently, you can purchase this at the I-Tunes store, but I don't like to pay that company anything if I can ever help it.)

I recently found something comparable, Abby Helasdottir has an electronic outfit named "Gydja," which is also her general artists name.

She works more closely with Hela, the Norse Death Goddess, but I found the music equally useful, if only tuned a little differently.


Hope you all find this pleasant and useful.

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I hope people still read this journal... [10 Jun 2009|01:04am]
Its the only one of its kind I was able to find, but I've only been on LJ a few minutes. I don't want to be here, but I think I've run out of options and need to ask people who know more about this kind of thing. I wasn't Pagan or anything close to it until a very weird and creepy experience got me encountering a spirit that just wouldn't leave me alone and kept singling me out. After a lot of research I basically came to the conclusion that this spirit wasn't a spirit at all, and was a Sumerian/Babylonian deity that seems to have taken a liking to me. I am 100% cool with this, I just want advice on how to proceed. Does this kind of thing happen often?

This is mostly my first encounter with anything paranormal let alone pagan. Yeah, maybe I'm a little petrified. I'm not gonna lie, but maybe I'm supposed to be? How exactly do these deities work in the modern age?

I'd read about Wicca and stuff like that before, and honestly when I think "pagan gods," i keep picturing some earth mother goddess thing, ready to comfort and protect everybody, with pachouli and free love for all. I've went to bookstores and gotten books about paganism, and most of them talk about energies, and all gods being one, or at least all goddesses really being facets or energies of the same thing. Its all really feel-good, and I honestly would not mind being in that kind of a faith or attracting that kind of thing. But, uh, yeah, this is nothing like that whatsoever. At all.

What REALLY spooked me was that I knew on of the deity's names before I knew anything else about the deity. I thought I'd made it up until I googled it, and everything I found fit so perfectly that it was REALLY CREEPY.
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History of Sumerian Reconstructionism [09 Feb 2009|03:21pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I have a bit of a conundrum facing me. Read more...Collapse )

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Here is a poem about ... [21 Jan 2009|12:58am]

Your children await for you
They miss their Shepard
Rise Dumuzi Rise

The fields are barren
They are ready for your seed
Rise Dumuzi Rise

Your lady waits
She longs for your touch
Rise Dumuzi Rise

Come and dance
Come and sing with your children
Rise Dumuzi Rise

Rise and bring the sun
Rise and warm our hearts
Rise Dumuzi Rise

We call to you
The Shepard, Inanna’s Golden Bull
Geshtinanna waits, to take your Place

We Call, Rise Dumuzi Rise
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Hi [22 Dec 2008|02:49am]

A wonderful and educational site.
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Fate of the fly [19 Dec 2008|09:57pm]

At the end of Descent of Inana is a fragment where she blesses the fly.

394-398. A fly spoke to holy Inana: "If I show you where your man is, what will be my reward?" Holy Inana answered the fly: "If you show me where my man is, I will give you this gift: I will cover ......."

399-403. The fly helped (?) holy Inanna. Young lady Inanna decreed the destiny of the fly: "In the beer-house, may ...... bronze vessels ...... for you. You will live (?) like the sons of the wise." Now Inanna decreed this fate and thus it came to be.

Any ideas on what this may have been? Perhaps beer was stored in bronze vessels and she gave the fly access? Or beer was left traditionally in a place for flies so they would not disturb the bar patrons? "I will cover"??

Also the end of the Descent of Inanna ends in a prayer to Ereshkigal? Is this part of the dual role played by the sisters, that they are in a sense two faces of the same goddess? Any ideas?
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Call for Submissions: Ereshkigal Devotional Anthology [15 Dec 2008|04:20pm]

Call for Submissions: “Queen of the Great Below: A Devotional Anthology for Ereshkigal”

Neos Alexandria’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina announces a call for submissions for the latest in their devotional anthologies. “Queen of the Great Below” will honor the Queen of the Underworld from the Sumerian pantheon, who was invoked alongside Hekate in the Greek magical papyri. Best known for her terrible aspect, as illustrated in “The Descent of Inanna” her myths portray her as a goddess who defends proper boundaries and demands respect on her own terms. As a dark goddess and an underworld deity, she is helpful in working on shadow aspects of ourselves and facing our “descents” as opportunities for transformation. Some of her devotees invoke her while working bdsm-flavored sex magic and ritual.

Janet Munin, the editor of the anthology, is a priestess of Ereshkigal who holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington, including focused studies on the religion of the Ancient Near East. She presented a class called “Feral Holiness: BDSM and the Sacred” at Pantheacon 2008.

Devotional anthologies welcome a range of submissions, including:
· Essays
· Poetry
· Accounts of personal experiences
· Original translations of ancient source material
· Appropriately themed short fiction
· Artwork
· Other content somehow related to the goddess

All submissions must be the original work of their creator. References to previously published material must be fully footnoted.

Please send all submissions via text or Word attachment to janet.munin@earthlink.net.

The editor weclomes questions about the project, and is happy to discuss ideas for submissions.

Submission deadline is June 21, 2009.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina does not offer payment for any of the works included in devotional anthologies, nor can we provide free author copies. All work should therefore be considered a donation to help honor the gods. Bibliotheca Alexandrina does not seek to make a profit through the sale of our books. Our sole intention is to honor the gods and promote polytheistic worship in the modern world.

A complete outline of BA’s policies and guidelines is available here: http://www.neosalexandria.org/BAguidelines.pdf

Please pass on this information to anyone you think would be interested!
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Reconciling lunar and solar calendars... [07 Nov 2008|05:58pm]

Has anyone here managed to even half-way reconcile the Sumerian lunar calendar with the current solar calendar? I know it's not an ideal thing to do, but I was wondering if there is a decent way to pin down Sumerian months/holidays without messing everything up too badly? Is there a particular way anyone here works out when Sumerian holidays fall? If someone here can point me in the right direction (hopefully something not horribly confusing), that'd be fantastic. Thanks. :)
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research [18 Sep 2008|09:33am]

I am doing research for an article and am looking for some willing to be interviewed. Go to my page if you  are interested.   If I do use your information, you will be contacted first for permission to use it, and to find out how you want to be identified. Then I'll have a few questions
(cross posted a few select comms)
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enenuru.net [22 May 2008|11:08pm]

Enenuru.net is an independent project with focuses on Sumerian and Mesopotamian magic, religion, and culture and on relevant academic apparatus. Admittedly, reading in these areas can at times be dense and tract-less, and here we aim to provide an explanatory material and systematized resource for the student, seeker, and for those who speak similar enthusiasm. Enenuru.net is currently in development, and as we work, we take the chance to broaden scope, accept suggestion or criticism, and invite contribution from interested parties. We hope you will give or take from our efforts as they progress in form and function, towards a true study aid for these rare subjects. Regards.
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call for submissions for new devotional [01 Mar 2008|11:56am]

Hi, Folks,

I’m cross-posting this to several lists so my apologies if you receive it more than once.

I am currently working on a devotional to Inanna and Ereshkigal. I’m Heathen but I owe a great and long-standing debt to these two Goddesses and this devotional is my way of repaying it.

I am looking for submissions of poetry/prayers, articles and rituals to these two Deities. (I will accept material to other Sumerian Deities as well, if it's good. I have no problem with including a section for Them).

This book will be published through Asphodel Press.

If anyone is interested in submitting prayers, poems, articles or rituals, please email me at urdabrunnr@yahoo.com OR Krasskova@gmail.com. Unfortunately, I can’t pay for submissions, but I will send every contributor a copy of the book when it is finished.

Deadline for ALL Submissions is August 1, 2008.


Galina Krasskova
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Ancient Sumeran Astronomy [23 Oct 2007|11:49pm]

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