Nyxx (nyxxx) wrote in sumerian_pagan,

The Kur.

I am journeying to find The Kur, I'm looking for all dreams, stories and ideas associated with this...unknown thing. Please anyone, do you have any theories about its nature, or the meaning of The Kur?

For me so far it seems to be a different kind of 'mind' to ours and indeed all animate creatures posses, it seems to be a force that can use matter?

It can hurl stones, churn water, it seems to be a mountain, a land, and death.

Please let me know your thoughts, experiences and stories so that I may 'see' more clearly.

Many thanks..
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Unfortunately, I have nothing to contribute -- but I will be very interested in the fruits of your journeys, and hope you will share.
Was to 'find' Enki's temple within myself, and to rest there, asking for His blessing. I feel him to be the original, Green Man, Lord of the 'sweet waters', a Lord of purification also...

I spent perhaps a week there, creating the visulisation.

When I felt sure of creating a connection with Him, I (and my companions) imagined the boat moored at The Quay of The Crescent Moon; a beautiful boat made of reeds and ceder wood.

A boat because the sensation of floating is of leaving solid earth, a metaphor almost for a state of mind.

Our journey began with the full moon (August 5th) and it is difficult to unpack the multiple versions I read of The Kur. So I trust again to my feelings.

My first impression was that The Kur is the oldest thing in this universe. The Kur is Saturnine', there is much gravity and a dissonance between time and space and my trust in solidity. The ground is heavy and I am overwhelemed by a sense of great age and myy own mortality; at this moment I am 'depressed' and at each turn I feel inadequate and weighted down by past mistakes, things un-said, things undone.

But this is a vital -indeed 'full of life'- experience, it isn't dead, it is sharp and tough, not peaceful in any way, I am leaden and pushed down...but sinking is what I need to do.

The Kur is old and is alien, so different to Great Mother Tiamat. I am only at its/his? edges.

I will write more when I know more.

For now I must let myself sink deep down into the unknown...
Thank you.

Blessings on your journey and your return.