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Maenad/Ritual Music

Has anyone here heard of the electronic artist who released under the name "Maenad?"

I was introduced to her work late last year, and her music has become my favorite background drone for Sumerian-oriented Death Magick. Her given name is Christine M. Uberti.

With titles like "Flowers for Solomon," it raised my eyebrow. Then I listened to it, and it sounded like things no one could know unless they KNEW about Her.

It proved to be an excellent key. Lubricates the entire working. Drops me immediately into the kind of work necessary to tap into Tiamatu and/or Ereshkigal.

Its way out of print, and the artist disappeared. She had almost no public face, and all I could learn is that she spent time working with dead bodies in medicine, and working on the AIDS vaccine in the late ninetees.

It really comes through in the work.



(Sorry. All I could find. I got my copies by burning burnt copies. Apparently, you can purchase this at the I-Tunes store, but I don't like to pay that company anything if I can ever help it.)

I recently found something comparable, Abby Helasdottir has an electronic outfit named "Gydja," which is also her general artists name.

She works more closely with Hela, the Norse Death Goddess, but I found the music equally useful, if only tuned a little differently.


Hope you all find this pleasant and useful.
Tags: music, ritual, trance
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