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I hope people still read this journal...

Its the only one of its kind I was able to find, but I've only been on LJ a few minutes. I don't want to be here, but I think I've run out of options and need to ask people who know more about this kind of thing. I wasn't Pagan or anything close to it until a very weird and creepy experience got me encountering a spirit that just wouldn't leave me alone and kept singling me out. After a lot of research I basically came to the conclusion that this spirit wasn't a spirit at all, and was a Sumerian/Babylonian deity that seems to have taken a liking to me. I am 100% cool with this, I just want advice on how to proceed. Does this kind of thing happen often?

This is mostly my first encounter with anything paranormal let alone pagan. Yeah, maybe I'm a little petrified. I'm not gonna lie, but maybe I'm supposed to be? How exactly do these deities work in the modern age?

I'd read about Wicca and stuff like that before, and honestly when I think "pagan gods," i keep picturing some earth mother goddess thing, ready to comfort and protect everybody, with pachouli and free love for all. I've went to bookstores and gotten books about paganism, and most of them talk about energies, and all gods being one, or at least all goddesses really being facets or energies of the same thing. Its all really feel-good, and I honestly would not mind being in that kind of a faith or attracting that kind of thing. But, uh, yeah, this is nothing like that whatsoever. At all.

What REALLY spooked me was that I knew on of the deity's names before I knew anything else about the deity. I thought I'd made it up until I googled it, and everything I found fit so perfectly that it was REALLY CREEPY.
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Yes, this comm is still read by a few.

Yes, the God's will sometimes hit you around the head with a Divine clue by four until you pay attention.

No, they aren't all fluffy and cute but that doesn't mean they are not protective and giving of deep insights and precious gifts.

And finally it might help if ya tell us exactly who has claimed you.

Welcome to having a personal relationship with the Divine.

P.S. The belief that all gods are an aspect of one is most definately not universal.
Her name is Ereshkigal, but She has several others.
If the name you knew was Ishtar, then you may have heard it before because it's the name of a movie too.
If you knew Ereshkigal, then that's something. :)
This happened to me too, but with a different deity :)
I've been working with Ereshkigal for the past two years, and am currently gathering material for a devotional anthology for Her under the auspices of the Bibliotheca Alexandreia (

I had been aware of Her existence for many years, but my initial personal encounter with Her was entirely unexpected and quite unnerving.

Please feel free to drop by my journal or send me a message if you'd like to talk.
Lots of Pagans ascribe to the Hellenistic-era belief that "all gods are one god," but lots are "hard polytheists" as well. I'm sort of in-between, which there's a word for but I don't remember it right off the top of my head.

I have a strong relationship with Ishtar, which by extension means a relationship with Ereshkigal since I do a lot with the Descent story. I recommend the book "Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth" for the translation of the descent story.
Many years ago I thought that I'd been 'called' by Inanna. Only recently it became clear to me that I was called by Ereshkigal.

It has taken me a while to come to terms, and to start to see a way to make any kind of sense of this feeling, this conviction. I could see it from a Jungian point of view and call Her an archetype, but really, why not just take it as a real phenomenon?

I asked around on the Internet for advice, I felt that I was called to be a priestess of Ereshkigal and had no idea what it meant. Good advice came my way and so I relaxed into it, accepting the call.

For me Ereshkigal is my connection to the 'underworld', I am called to 'take care' of that which is hidden, to listen (To the great below). If I am in a situation where someone asks for help, I rest my mind in Her, I trust Her to guide me.

I don't have a shrine, if any sacrifice would ever be called for I'd offer my own blood, I trust that as Queen of the Underworld, Ereshkigal has seen enough death! I just feel as if I am in touch with Her and that through all of us who dare call ourselves Her preistess, she can operate in this world.

Hope that helps?
I am, at this point, finally ready to accept whatever She has planned for me. Right now, I think I just need to learn more about Her and Her expectations. I get the feeling that this will not be easy, by any means. I wonder when or if the death dreams will ever stop.
Ah, death too. In so much as I dream that I am on the point of death, truly awful things happening to me.

My attitude is that 1/ death is real, so this is a practice run, that 2/ If I am called by Ereshkigal, then this is something She is telling me that I need to learn and 3/ that all the Shamanic traditions (as far as I know) require that the Shaman pass through 'death'.

How I interprete 'death' isn't as death of the ego or self, pass through death is a kind of initiation, an ordeal that leaves the shaman firmly grounded with her feat truly on the ground; but also severed in some way (the dreams are like a cutting of the umbilical cord? Now you have truly grown up?), so that now her mind can go to the most sublime or the most terrible places...there is more to it, much more, but if the death dreams are this process then of course you cannot welcome them BUT you can put them into a meaningful context.
I find it intriguing that Erishkigal appears to be cooking something up. I am seeing more people suddenly turning to study her from wherever they were before. The fact that she is now popping into people's heads unannounced is remarkable.

You might like to listen to Sharon Knight's song on 'Songs for the Waning Year' CD with T Thorn Coyle, (if you click on the CD you can listen to it, there's a control to skip to the track you want)

Ereshkigal, Keeper of Sorrows

Ereshkigal, Ereshkigal, keeper of the sorrows
Ereshkigal, Ereshkigal of the burning eye
Ereshkigal, I call to you when life turns dark and barren
I lay my burden down

Ereshkigal, this blossom of beauty do I offer
For holding the sorrows of aeons gone by
I lend you my song to give voice to your grieving
Won’t you lay your burdens down