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History of Sumerian Reconstructionism

I have a bit of a conundrum facing me. A person I am having a huge debate with online is claiming that a person who goes by the name of Ellen Sorenson was the first known Reconstructionist of the Phoenician / Canaanite path. And that this person basically was a prophetess of the Goddess that according to Ellen (via this person I am debating with) was referred to as Ashteroth. The problem I am having is that I know for a fact that the Goddess was not known as Ashteroth outside of the Biblical accounts in ancient times. So either this person wasn't a very good prophetess or they didn't do their research into the origin of the Goddess.

The major problem I am having is that this person is also claiming that there was an elderly prophetess of this Goddess at the same time (in the early to late 1980's) who lived in India, and that this Ellen Sorenson was to be the Priestess' successor in the world.

The real issue is that this man whom I am debating with is claiming that Ellen was trying to create a power base via sexual ritual abuse and magical sexual ritual abuse as well as through the use of Drugs. He is also claiming that he was able to thwart their plans using the Power of the Christian God the way that the prophet who thwarted Jezebel in the Bible did against Jezebel. The problem I have is I always assumed the story of Jezebel was merely a propaganda peice agains the Canaanites.

Additionally I am assuming that you guys are either familiar with this story if it is true, or are capable of debunking it if it is not true, either way, I would be greatly appreciative of any help you can provide to me :D

And FYI I am a fellow Reconstructionist (though it has been a while for me since I have practiced my own Religion, I am a Celtic Reconstructionist). His claims are really beginning to bug me. So any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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