bikerbar (bikerbar) wrote in sumerian_pagan,

Fate of the fly

At the end of Descent of Inana is a fragment where she blesses the fly.

394-398. A fly spoke to holy Inana: "If I show you where your man is, what will be my reward?" Holy Inana answered the fly: "If you show me where my man is, I will give you this gift: I will cover ......."

399-403. The fly helped (?) holy Inanna. Young lady Inanna decreed the destiny of the fly: "In the beer-house, may ...... bronze vessels ...... for you. You will live (?) like the sons of the wise." Now Inanna decreed this fate and thus it came to be.

Any ideas on what this may have been? Perhaps beer was stored in bronze vessels and she gave the fly access? Or beer was left traditionally in a place for flies so they would not disturb the bar patrons? "I will cover"??

Also the end of the Descent of Inanna ends in a prayer to Ereshkigal? Is this part of the dual role played by the sisters, that they are in a sense two faces of the same goddess? Any ideas?
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