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Call for Submissions: Ereshkigal Devotional Anthology

Call for Submissions: “Queen of the Great Below: A Devotional Anthology for Ereshkigal”

Neos Alexandria’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina announces a call for submissions for the latest in their devotional anthologies. “Queen of the Great Below” will honor the Queen of the Underworld from the Sumerian pantheon, who was invoked alongside Hekate in the Greek magical papyri. Best known for her terrible aspect, as illustrated in “The Descent of Inanna” her myths portray her as a goddess who defends proper boundaries and demands respect on her own terms. As a dark goddess and an underworld deity, she is helpful in working on shadow aspects of ourselves and facing our “descents” as opportunities for transformation. Some of her devotees invoke her while working bdsm-flavored sex magic and ritual.

Janet Munin, the editor of the anthology, is a priestess of Ereshkigal who holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington, including focused studies on the religion of the Ancient Near East. She presented a class called “Feral Holiness: BDSM and the Sacred” at Pantheacon 2008.

Devotional anthologies welcome a range of submissions, including:
· Essays
· Poetry
· Accounts of personal experiences
· Original translations of ancient source material
· Appropriately themed short fiction
· Artwork
· Other content somehow related to the goddess

All submissions must be the original work of their creator. References to previously published material must be fully footnoted.

Please send all submissions via text or Word attachment to

The editor weclomes questions about the project, and is happy to discuss ideas for submissions.

Submission deadline is June 21, 2009.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina does not offer payment for any of the works included in devotional anthologies, nor can we provide free author copies. All work should therefore be considered a donation to help honor the gods. Bibliotheca Alexandrina does not seek to make a profit through the sale of our books. Our sole intention is to honor the gods and promote polytheistic worship in the modern world.

A complete outline of BA’s policies and guidelines is available here:

Please pass on this information to anyone you think would be interested!
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