Sie Of Many Names (draloreshimare) wrote in sumerian_pagan,
Sie Of Many Names

Reconciling lunar and solar calendars...

Has anyone here managed to even half-way reconcile the Sumerian lunar calendar with the current solar calendar? I know it's not an ideal thing to do, but I was wondering if there is a decent way to pin down Sumerian months/holidays without messing everything up too badly? Is there a particular way anyone here works out when Sumerian holidays fall? If someone here can point me in the right direction (hopefully something not horribly confusing), that'd be fantastic. Thanks. :)
Tags: calendars
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There are two things at work here, one: every Sumerian city-state had its own holidays and celebrated them at slightly different times, because each had their own agricultural system. The SUmerian calendar was really a combination of solar and lunar- lunar months, solar year.

As for SUmerians in general, we know that they didn't see the "year" in the same way we do, but instead celebrated what we would call a "new year" at two times of the solar year: right around the equinoxes. We know they also had some sort of acknowledgement of the solstices (I'm rusty on this because I've been out of Sumerian practice for awhile.)